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Despite Facebook’s best efforts, some internet content continues to be created and consumed outside of the company’s walled garden. To address this misbehavior, the company today introduced new Chrome extensions for sharing and saving articles. “Sharing and … Read More

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I had the privilege of attending the Startup India event at Vigyan Bhawan on January 16, 2016. The event was landmark because, for starters, it was the first of its kind … Read More

Something rather interesting is happening at the Gmail.com domain right now. Google has started notifying users of its experimental ‘Inbox By Gmail’ service that this has replaced their Gmail account…

The pop-up appears when Inbox users … Read More

Certain sections of the internet have been rocked with talk of ‘net neutrality’ recently. Software developers are giving interviews about it, comedians are making videos about it, there’s an online petition circulating and Shah Rukh … Read More