What We Do?

Web Design & Development

web_designing_IMG Services - InfoMark GLOBAL - Website design in Varanasi
shadow-6 Services - InfoMark GLOBAL - Website design in Varanasi

Today, there are thousands of websites in the internet. Among those thousands of websites, there are hundreds of websites which compete with your business directly. We design websites in such a way that your websites stand above the rest of the flock in competition through attractiveness, sharpness, and superior content and image driven communication. Our website design and development will focus to convert customers into your fold. Also, we project your company in a clear and more positive image.

What you can expect with every website design project:

  • Great, fast loading, modern design
  • Private, in progress viewing during design and development
  • Content management system to easily edit your website
  • Basic search engine optimization to help you rank better
  • Professional stock photography as needed during design, to help establish site theme
  • Site map to help visitors find what they are looking for
  • User friendly/Search engine friendly navigation menu
  • Email/information request forms to allow visitor feedback and inquiries
  • Upload to your website host when going live
  • Manual submission to Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Free minor changes for two weeks following launch of new site
  • Ongoing support for questions and issues

Our strength in website designing and development

We specifically design the website based on your requirements and taste. Designing a professional, attractive, and interesting website requires solid ground work which includes graphic designing. The designing part is very tricky and requires lot of experience and only the experts can deliver the good as per the expectations and to challenge the competition.

As the internet age is evolving, the technology is growing more sophisticated. Expectations have multiplied and creating a professional website design is now the minimum requirement for any website. We provide you with the most advanced and latest technologies available in the industry.

Domain & Web Hosting

IMG-Domain Services - InfoMark GLOBAL - Website design in Varanasi
shadow-6 Services - InfoMark GLOBAL - Website design in Varanasi

A domain name signifies your own address on the Internet.

As no two parties may ever hold identical domain names, it is truly a unique identifier of you or your business. It is how your customers will remember you and find you among the millions of other websites on the internet.

Domain name not only reflects your business, the industry you are in, & the country in which you operate; it is your customers’ first point of contact because it forms the basis of your email and website addresses.

With a own domain name:

  • Your organization gets its brand name recognized.
  • Your individual identity comes on the World Wide Web.
  • You are the master of your own domain and no one else.
  • You can freely sell your domain name or give sub domains.
  • You don’t have to be dependent on someone else for name.

We are one of the Cheapest Domain Registrar & web Hosting Provider in India. We now provide domains with the following extensions –

.in, .co.in, .net.in, .org.in, .gen.in, .firm.in, .ind.in, .com, .org, .net, and more than 50TLDs.

You may already have a website and we can also help you move your domain to our hosting company as well and even do bulk domain registration or bulk domain registration.

We offer a full range of web hosting plans to suit all needs. We provide you with the best combination of features and service for the lowest price on both servers (Linux servers and Windows servers) as per your needs and budget. When you buy web hosting solutions from InfoMark GLOBAL, you can be rest assured that your website will reside on the servers that have very high reliability and quick response time.

Offload your worries to us. Through our experience & expertise, we will find you the host that meets your needs. We have tie-ups with several web hosting services companies that will work with us to get you the best deal at the best price, without compromising service quality. We also offer clients unbiased web hosting reviews, breaking news, industry articles, hosting guides, and comparative tools & charts.

Our web hosting services are top of the line because we don’t believe in unlimited hosting, by giving our customers limits and setting up usage metrics we can maintain high quality for all our customers and make sure that their sites function at all times. Web hosting is a mainstay service here at IMG and we boast great server uptimes and easy access.

Our Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services include:

  • Registering a New Domain and Web Hosting.
  • Sending timely reminder for domain and hosting renewals and processing the same after confirmation.
  • Helping you decide an appropriate type and size of hosting space required.
  • Creating and managing your email accounts.
  • Providing hosting space – from as low as 25 MB to as high as several GBs or even a dedicated server.
  • Managing all the server-side configuration requirements for your website.